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Additional Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holders – Reviews

Company Estimated Price Size Major Drawbacks Where to Buy
Jabowd $16.99 13.5” 1) Problems with recessed magnets. Shop now at Amazon
MIU France $29.99 20” 1) Scratches easily Shop now at Amazon

1. Jabowd 13.5” Magnetic Knife Holder

Jabowd 13.5'' Magnetic Knife Holder

The Jabowd Magnetic Knife Holder features two rows of strong magnets to keep your cutlery safely stored but within easy reach. Perfect for kitchen gadgets and tools of all kinds, this attractive organizer comes in three sizes. Clear the countertops and make room in the drawers for other things while keeping your knives in good condition.


Sturdy Knife Organizer

Boasting a sleek, simple design, the Jabowd stainless steel magnetic knife strip is similar to the knife bars used in professional kitchens. Exposed magnets provide a strong, reliable grip on knife blades and gadgets, reducing the likelihood of accidents. We had to tug a bit to get some of the larger blades off the organizer, so we can definitely vouch for the strength of the magnets and the overall sturdiness of the unit.


Comes in Three Sizes

This knife bar is ideal for just about any kitchen since it comes in three different sizes. Be sure to measure your space instead of guessing, and make sure that you give yourself room for installation. Once it’s up, you’ll enjoy having a nice selection of tools available without ever having to dig. The manufacturer states that the smallest size (13.9”) is ideal for holding a set of eight kitchen knives.


Easy, Basic Installation Process, Good Instructions Included

Installation involves measuring the knife bar and making sure that it will hang in a perfectly level position (careful with this, if it’s not level, your knives will hang at an angle due to gravity). Next, you drill holes and put in the drywall anchors. After that, pop the knife holder into position over the drywall anchors and put the screws into place. Some of the knife bars we’ve reviewed came with poor instructions, but not this one! The instructions are clear, plus they include photos.


Reported Problems with Recessed Magnets

A few other reviewers have reported that they have had problems with magnets being recessed into the knife bar instead of protruding slightly. When the magnets are recessed, the magnetic pull is very weak. We did not experience this issue and it sounds like a manufacturing flaw as most reviewers mentioned that the magnets were strong and in the right position.


Good Quality for the Price

We were a little surprised that this magnetic knife holder didn’t cost more. It is priced competitively and if you’re lucky enough to find it on sale you will feel like you got quite a bargain.


Is this magnetic on both sides so it can be hung on the refrigerator or a similar metal surface?

No; the back is metal but not magnetic. The manufacturer states that you can use Command strips or velcro to attach it to a smooth surface that you don’t want to drill into, but they caution that you should use at least four pieces of adhesive to ensure that the unit does not accidentally fall while you are removing a knife.

Is the knife bar’s magnet flush with the stainless steel housing? Will it nick my knife blades?

No. the magnets are about a dime’s thickness higher than the housing, and they will not nick your knife blades as long as you are not sliding them on the magnets or striking them against the magnets. Be sure to put the non-sharp side of the blade into place first and remove the knives the same way, so you don’t accidentally dull your blades.


The Jabowd professional knife holder is an attractive choice for almost any kitchen. It comes with clear, illustrated instructions that make the installation process simple, and the magnets are strong enough to support almost any knife. A 100% money back guarantee inspires confidence in the product and the seller.

2. MIU France 20” Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife


The 20-inch MIU France stainless steel magnetic knife bar is designed to hold an entire collection of kitchen cutlery while offering a sleek, contemporary appearance. At two inches thick, it easily supports the heaviest blades while keeping them within reach.

The PBKay Magnetic Knife Bar holds cutlery, scissors and kitchen shears, and other metal tools. It can be mounted to drywall, tiles, and other surfaces.


Solid, Sturdy Construction

The MIU France magnetic knife bar is designed to be tough. It weighs more than three pounds, and the magnets are very strong. Of all the magnetic knife bars we’ve reviewed, this is among the sturdiest.


Attractive Appearance

Everyone knows that looks aren’t everything, but we really like the way this magnetic knife bar looks hanging on the wall. It offers a sleek, oval profile and an attractive polished stainless steel finish. The magnets are mounted to the bar in a pleasing configuration that gives it an artful appearance. We like the way it complements our stainless steel appliances, and we’re confident that it will look nice in just about any setting.


Simple Installation Process

Since we’re handy with the drill, it only took about 5 minutes to hang this knife bar on the wall. It comes with the necessary hardware, and once that is in place, you’re ready to start organizing.


Stainless Steel Body May Scratch Easily

Although we are careful not to slide the knife blades on the stainless steel, some others have noted that the knife bar is prone to scratching when knives are rubbed on the surface. This doesn’t seem like a huge problem, particularly since improper removal can damage and dull knives; properly placing and removing cutlery seems to be the solution to this common problem.


Spacious Knife Holder Organizes Plenty of Kitchen Items

At 20 inches, this knife bar holds a complete set of cutlery and then some. The exact number of implements you can organize depends on their size and the degree to which you separate them. At any rate, you’ll be able to get rid of your knife block and hang some extra items in the process.


Can you mount this knife holder under a kitchen cabinet?

While we didn’t try this strategy, we have heard from other reviewers who did so successfully. One reviewer liked how this turned out and added an extra unit for holding additional kitchen tools.

Will this hold stainless steel knives?

Yes! Most of the knives being produced these days have stainless steel blades. It holds them securely.


The 20-inch MIU France Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar has an attractive appearance and it works beautifully. It is easy to install, plus it’s large enough to hold quite a bit of cutlery. If you want something other than a basic rectangular knife bar, this is an excellent option. While it costs a little  more than some others, this knife holder still manages to offer great value. Most other reviewers are as happy with it as we are. Want something smaller, but like this style? It is also available in a 15-inch length.

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