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Aluminum Magnetic Knife Holders – Reviews

1. Nuvita Aluminum Magnet 14 Inch Knife Bar – Silver

Nuvita Aluminum Magnet 14 Inch Knife Bar – Silver

The Nuvita aluminum knife bar is designed to offer long-lasting performance. Lightweight and attractive, it will never rust and is easy to keep clean and sanitary. Designed to keep knives, kitchen utensils, and other household tools within reach while freeing up space in counters and drawers, this model offers reliable performance at a low price.


Low-Cost Knife Organizer

Simple, sleek, and effective, the Nuvita aluminum knife bar is a surprisingly affordable addition to your kitchen or any other space where you’d like to remain well-organized. You’ll save even more if you’re lucky enough to find a deal that includes free shipping.


Reports of Missing Installation Instructions

We found good step-by-step instructions for installation in our package, but some other reviewers reported that their boxes came without any instructions. Luckily, the installation process is intuitive; if you aren’t mechanically inclined but want to give this knife bar a go, you may be able to find a handy friend or family member to do it for you. The installation process took us about five minutes, and the necessary hardware items, including wall anchors and screws, were included in the package.


Magnets are Weaker than Expected

This aluminum knife bar has two magnetic strips running its entire length, so it ought to do a good job ensuring that knives and other items stay put. The magnets are not quite as strong as the ones used in more expensive knife holders, and some of the heavier items slipped. This knife holder is probably a good choice for lightweight knives, but it may not work well for heavier cleavers and stout chef’s knives. This said, there were other reviewers who reported that the magnets worked well. It could be that the unit we received had a manufacturing defect, however nothing was visibly wrong with the unit.


Slim, Lightweight Design Hangs Well With Mounting Tape

If you’re renting and don’t want to put holes in the wall, or if you would like to hang this knife bar on stone or tile, you can easily mount it with Command strips or velcro strips. As with using the screws for mounting, be absolutely sure that the unit is level before you press it firmly into place; otherwise, your knives will hang at a slight angle.


Is the knife bar magnetic on both sides?

No; only the front has magnetic strips.

What is the actual length of the knife bar? Some models aren’t the length advertised.

The manufacturer states that the Nuvita knife bar is 14 inches long and 2 inches wide.


The Nuvita aluminum magnetic knife holder is an attractive choice that complements a variety of interiors, however its magnets weren’t as strong as the ones on some of the other knife bars we have reviewed. The unit was easy to install and hardware was included. It gets good marks for affordability, as it is priced under ten dollars.

2. Eco-Best 18-Inch Aluminum Knife Bar

Eco-Best 18-Inch Aluminum Knife Bar

The Eco-Best Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar holds all sorts of cutlery, kitchen shears, utensils, and other metal tools. It can be mounted to drywall, tiles, and other surfaces with ease.


Attractive Finish

The simple aluminum finish looks nice and is easy to keep polished with the help of a little glass cleaner. This knife bar offers a basic but attractive appearance, making it a great fit for just about any kitchen.


Lack of Installation Instructions Can be Challenging

The manufacturer failed to include instructions for installation. Like many other knife bars we’ve reviewed, this one attaches to the wall with screws (be sure to use drywall anchors first if you’re attaching to a standard wall). If you have ever mounted anything on a wall, then you won’t find the process to be difficult; if, on the other hand, you’re new to home maintenance projects, you might find yourself feeling frustrated.


Roomy Enough to Hold Plenty of Kitchen Tools

At eighteen inches, this knife bar holds an entire cutlery collection, freeing up quite a bit of space in a drawer or on a countertop. If you currently rely on a knife block, you can plan on getting rid of it and enjoying more counter space in the process.


Strong Magnets

The Eco-Best 18” knife bar has two magnetic strips that run up and down its entire length, and these do a great job of holding knives and other items in place.


Affordable Price

If you are on a tight budget and want to enjoy the convenience that a magnetic knife bar offers, then this one is well worth thinking about. All things considered, it offers good performance for the money.


Can you save space by mounting this knife holder vertically?

While you can give this a try, the results might be disappointing. The knife bar is designed to be hung horizontally, and gravity ensures that all the blades hang straight up and down.

Will this hold knives inside plastic sleeves / sheaths?

No. The metal knife blades need to be in contact with the magnets for this knife bar to operate safely.


The 18 Inch Eco Best aluminum magnetic knife bar looks nice and performs well. Its only downfall is that there are no installation instructions included. This wasn’t a problem for us as the installation process is basic, but it could prove problematic for others. Overall, we feel that it offers a good value for the money.

3. Zenware 17 Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Strip

Zenware 17 Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Strip

Offering an attractive silver finish, this Zenware 17-Inch knife bar is designed to maximize storage space in the kitchen garage, or workshop while keeping tools, utensils, and cutlery visible and within easy reach.


Easy to Install and Maintain

The Zenware aluminum knife bar is very easy to install with the hardware that’s included in the package. It wipes clean with a little bit of soap and water on a soft cloth, and is easy to polish with a bit of glass cleaner.


Attractive, Contemporary Appearance

If you like the way stainless steel looks, then you’ll appreciate the way this knife holder complements your space. Its’ simple, sleek design pairs well with contemporary appliances of any color.


Size is Larger than Listed

While some might view this as a positive point, we’re counting it as a very minor drawback. The manufacturer lists the unit as 17 inches, but when you read the fine print, you’ll notice that this knife bar is actually 17.5” long. You should take this into account when you measure your space; while the extra half inch probably won’t matter, it could prevent the unit from fitting into the space you’ve chosen for it.


Strong Magnets Keep Knives from Slipping

We found the magnets on this knife bar to be strong and all of our knives stayed in place, including some heavier ones.


Inexpensive Kitchen Organizer

While this knife bar delivers an admirable performance, it also manages to offer good value for the money. You’ll save even more if you purchase it from a venue that offers free or reduced shipping.


Is there a money-back guarantee on this knife bar?

Yes. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Are there magnets on both sides so I can stick the knife bar to the side of the refrigerator?

No; only the front of the knife holder has magnets.


The Zenware 17-inch knife bar is an attractive choice that also offers good performance and is easy to install. It is equipped with two strong magnets that keep cutlery and other items in place, and it makes organizing a kitchen, shop, or craft room a bit easier. Lastly, this knife bar comes at such an attractive price that you may decide to get more than one.

4. T&Hproducts – 16 Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Holder

T&Hproducts - 16 Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Holder

Measuring 16 inches across, the T&H magnetic knife holder brings a touch of convenience to your kitchen, shop, or any other area where a bit of organization is required. It’s built for strength and gets top marks for holding heavier knives.


Looks Fantastic

Thanks to a clean, uncomplicated aluminum finish, this modern-looking magnetic knife holder lends a nice, professional look to any kitchen while helping to keep cutlery tidy and within easy reach. Its design is simple enough to complement nearly any type of existing décor. Like other wall-mounted knife holders, this one is designed to maximize the amount of storage space available.


Very Strong, Reliable Magnetic Strips

The T&H 16-inch knife holder gets top marks for its strong magnet, which does a fantastic job of holding up large items including cleavers, big chef’s knives, kitchen shears, and other items that slip off knife bars with weaker magnets. You can even add metal hooks to it and use them to hold up non-metallic items like plastic spatulas and kitchen towels.


Excellent Value

While this knife bar is priced just a little higher than others in its category, it is also of slightly better quality. Almost all of its reviewers are very pleased with this unit and we couldn’t find anything other than slightly tricky installation to complain about.


Installation Might Be Tricky

It wasn’t as quick and easy to install this knife bar as it was to set others from its category into place. The end brackets proved a little bit tricky to put up with the hardware the manufacturer provided, and we ended up using different hardware that fit better. This appeared to be an issue with the hardware itself and not the actual knife bar, and we read other reviews that mentioned easy, painless installation. On a positive note, the unit comes with good instructions and a paper template, two things that many other knife bars lack.


Backed by a Money-Back Guarantee

Some manufacturers sell magnetic knife holders without offering any kind of warranty. The T&H knife bar is different; like a few others we have reviewed, it comes with a 100 percent money back guarantee. It is also guaranteed to be rust free for a lifetime.


Can I mount this with liquid adhesive?

No. According to the manufacturer, liquid adhesive is not suitable for hanging this knife bar.

Is the installation hardware suitable for use in a plaster wall?

No. This knife bar comes with hardware for mounting on drywall. If you want to install it on a plaster wall, you’ll need to obtain the proper hardware from a home improvement store.

Can I paint the aluminum part to match my vintage appliances, and still get the knife bar to work correctly?

Yes, you can use a paint that is compatible with aluminum to achieve the look you want. Cover the magnets with painters tape to protect them during the process, and you should end up very happy with the end results.


The T&H 16” magnetic knife holder offers great value for its price, and it is designed to offer an attractive look no matter what the setting. The knife bar is equipped with two magnetic strips for reliable holding power, and it is sized to hold a complete collection of cutlery or kitchen tools. While installation was a little bit trickier than with some other knife bars we’ve reviewed, it wasn’t impossible and seemed to be an issue with hardware rather than the knife holder itself. If you’re looking for a great aluminum knife bar that performs better than some others in its category, this one is well worth considering.

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