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Light Wood Magnetic Knife Holders – Reviews

1. Frederica Trading Premium Bamboo 15 Inch Magnetic Knife Strip

Frederica Trading Premium Bamboo 15 Inch Magnetic Knife Strip

The Frederica Trading premium bamboo 15-inch magnetic knife strip is an elegant alternative to a standard metal knife bar. Made of premium, finished bamboo, it is LFGB and FDA certified. Designed to hold up to six knives or tools at once, it saves space in your kitchen, laundry room, craft room, or garage.


Affordable, Versatile Organizer for Kitchen, Shop, or Office

Despite its attractive appearance and quality construction, the Frederica Trading bamboo knife bar is priced for affordability. Use it for its intended purpose, or install it anywhere you keep metal tools. You can even use washers or other small metal items to “pin” papers to it in the office, where it happily serves as a downsized bulletin board.


Poor Installation Instructions

We have tried enough of these knife bars that we know how to install them, and the process is intuitive, so anyone with basic carpentry skills will be able to hang the unit with no trouble. The instructions that come with the knife bar aren’t terribly detailed. Luckily, the installation process is intuitive; if you aren’t mechanically inclined but want to give this knife bar a go, you may be able to find a handy friend or family member to do it for you. The installation process took us about five minutes using the hardware that came with the knife holder.


Strong, Reliable Magnets

While we’ve tested stronger knife bars (particularly the double stainless steel type) this one does a great job of supporting knives. There are six small magnets embedded in the wood, and you feel them pulling when you place a metal object nearby. The knives look nice because of this; they’re evenly spaced with no real effort on your part.


Attractive Design

If you like the look of bamboo, you’ll love the way this knife bar looks. It complements other bamboo items beautifully, and it looks great with other woods as well as alongside colored cabinets, appliances, and kitchen tools. At 15 inches long, this knife bar fits nearly anywhere – just be sure to measure prior to purchasing if you have any doubts that it will fit in the space you have available.


Warranty Included

The Frederica Trading bamboo knife holder comes with a full one-year replacement warranty, which sets it apart from many other knife bars we’ve reviewed. Some come with no warranties, while others do come with guarantees.


Is the knife bar magnetic on both sides?

No; the magnets only work from the front.

What is the actual length of the knife bar? Some models aren’t the length advertised.

The manufacturer states that the Frederica Trading bamboo knife bar is 15 inches long and 3 inches wide. It has a depth of one inch.

Can I hang this knife bar vertically or diagonally?

Yes. The magnets are very strong, and your items will stay put no matter how you hang the knife bar.


The Frederica Trading magnetic knife holder is made of bamboo. It is an attractive choice that complements a variety of interiors, and its magnets are strong and reliable. The unit comes with hardware for installation, and it gets good marks for affordability. A full one-year replacement warranty inspires confidence in the seller and product.

2. Misc Home 15-Inch Bamboo Magnetic Knife Holder

Misc Home 15-Inch Bamboo Magnetic Knife Holder

The Misc Home 15-inch magnetic knife bar is designed to hold cutlery, kitchen shears, utensils, and other metal tools that you’d like to keep handy. Made of bamboo, it is an eco-friendly choice that can be mounted to drywall, tiles, and other surfaces with ease.


Attractive Appearance

The simple light wood finish looks nice and complements just about any kitchen. Its neutral color makes it ideal for pairing with a variety of cabinet, backsplash, counter, and appliance combinations.


Reports of Weak Magnets

While the knife bar we tested was strong enough to hold the knives we placed on it, other reviewers have reported that their knives slipped at the slightest touch. It is entirely possible that they received faulty units, and to the seller’s credit, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee in the event a purchaser is unhappy with the knife holder.


Good Installation Instructions; Quick, Easy Process

Misc Home did a great job with the installation instructions, and the process of hanging the knife holder was quick and easy. It took about five minutes to measure, drill, and affix the knife bar. Be sure that you double check for level before finishing installation. You can do this with an actual level, or you can measure the distance from the countertop or backsplash to each of the installation holes.


Roomy Enough to Hold Plenty of Knives or Kitchen Tools

At fifteen inches, this bamboo knife bar holds six large knives or tools, freeing up quite a bit of space in a drawer or on a countertop. If you currently rely on a knife block, you can get rid of it and enjoy a little bit more counter space.


Anti-microbial Surface

The bamboo used to craft this knife bar isn’t just eco-friendly, it’s also antibacterial. You can clean it periodically with a little bit of disinfectant, just to keep dust from gathering on the top edge.


Affordable Price

If you are on a budget and want to enjoy the convenience that a magnetic knife bar offers, then this one is well worth thinking about. All things considered, it offers good performance for the money while looking fantastic in just about any setting.


Is the knife bar magnetic on both sides?

No; the magnets only work from the front.

Will this hold knives inside plastic sheaths?

No. The magnets are embedded in the wood, so there’s already a thin barrier between them and the blades. The knives need to be in direct contact with the knife bar for it to work safely and reliably.


The 15 Inch Misc Home bamboo magnetic knife bar looks nice and the unit we tried performed well despite other reviewers’ reports of weak magnets. It comes with a money-back guarantee, and it offers a good value for the money.

3. Tools for Chef Magnetic Knife Holder, Bamboo

Tools for Chef Magnetic Knife Holder, Bamboo

Offering an attractive bamboo finish, the Tools for Chef magnetic knife bar is designed for beauty, convenience, and enhanced storage for your kitchen, garage, or workshop. Use it to keep essential tools, utensils, and cutlery visible and within easy reach, or hang it up in your office, where you can use washers or other metal objects to keep papers tidy.


Easy to Install and Maintain

The Tools for Chef knife bar is very easy to install with the hardware that’s included in the package. It wipes clean with just a little bit of soap and water on a soft cloth.


Contemporary, Attractive Appearance

If you like the way bamboo looks, then you’ll appreciate the way this knife holder complements your space. Its’ simple, light-colored wood finish pairs well with contemporary appliances of any color.


Size is Smaller than Listed

This is a very minor drawback. The manufacturer lists the unit as 15 inches, but when you read the fine print, you’ll notice that this knife bar is actually 14.4” long. The good news is that if a full 15” knife bar would be a tight fit in the space you have designated, this one will afford a bit more leeway.


Strong Magnets Keep Knives in Place

We found the magnets on this knife bar to be strong enough to keep all of our knives hanging neatly in their places, including some heavier ones.


Thicker than Some Other Knife Bars

Many of the magnetic knife holders we’ve reviewed are about 1 inch thick. This one is 1.25 inches thick, which gives you just a little more room for gripping knife handles when placing knives on the bar and pulling them off.


Money-Back Guarantee

While this knife bar delivers an admirable performance, it manages to offer good value for the money. The manufacturers are confident in their product and it gets overwhelmingly good reviews; even so, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee plus a full 1-year replacement warranty.


Is this made with sustainable wood?

Yes. The manufacturer promises that this knife bar is made of sustainable bamboo, which is a renewable resource.

Is hardware included?

Yes, the knife bar comes with the hardware required for mounting.


The Tools for Chef knife bar is an attractive choice that offers good performance and is easy to install. It is equipped with strong magnets that keep cutlery and other items in place, and it makes organizing a kitchen, shop, or craft room quite a bit easier. Lastly, this knife bar comes at an attractive price and includes a money-back guarantee as well as a 1-year full replacement warranty.

4. Kitchow Bamboo Knife Magnet, 14 Inches

Kitchow Bamboo Knife Magnet, 14 Inches

Measuring 14 inches across, the Kitchow magnetic knife holder brings a touch of convenience to your kitchen, shop, or any other area where a bit of organization is required. It is made of eco-friendly bamboo, and it complements nearly any space.


Looks Fantastic

Thanks to a clean, uncomplicated bamboo finish, this light wood magnetic knife holder lends a professional look to any kitchen while helping to keep everything tidy and within easy reach. Its design is simple enough to complement almost any type of existing décor. Like other wall-mounted magnetic knife holders, this one is designed to maximize your storage space.


Reports of Weak Magnetism

While we had a positive experience with the Kitchow knife magnet, we read other reviews reporting that the magnets inside weren’t strong enough to hold up heavy knives. There is a 30-day guarantee, so any buyer who receives a unit that doesn’t work as promised can return it to the seller.


Non-Toxic Finish

While this knife bar looks fantastic, its finish is completely non-toxic, so you can use it without worrying about contaminating your food with chemical residue.


Easy to Install

Good instructions and compatible hardware made installation a breeze. It took about five minutes to get the job done.


Convenient Size

At just 14 inches, the Kitchow bamboo knife magnet is small enough to fit in a tiny house or RV kitchen. If you like the way it looks but want a larger unit, you can easily double your space by purchasing two knife bars and installing them end to end.


Will this scratch my knives?

No. bamboo is easy on blades and your knives won’t be damaged by the bar’s surface.

Is this knife bar exactly 14 inches long?

No. According to the manufacturer, it is 13.8 inches long.

Is the hardware visible?

No. Once you’ve finished the installation process, you won’t be able to see the hardware.


The Kitchow bamboo knife magnet is an attractive addition to your kitchen, plus it does a great job of keeping cutlery organized and within easy reach without adding any clutter to your countertop. It is made of durable, furniture-grade bamboo, and it features a non-toxic finish for your safety. Its color complements a variety of interiors, and it is very easy to keep clean with just a little mild soap and water.

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