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Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holders – Reviews

Company Estimated Price Size Major Drawbacks Where to Buy
Ouddy  $16.99 16” 1) not suitable for big knives.

2) Made out of 2 parts – detaches easily.

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Modern Innovations  $17.99 16” 1) Doesn’t hold thin.

2) breaks easily.

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Kettio  $16.95 16” 1) no instructions

2) Made out of 2 parts – detaches easily.

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Culina  $15.99 10” 1) May be difficult to clean Shop now at Amazon
RSVP  $15.95 10” 1) not suitable for big knives. Shop now at Amazon

1. Ouddy 16-Inch Magnetic Knife Holder

The Ouddy magnetic knife bar is designed to hold knives, tools, and other metal-based kitchen gadgets. Designed to deliver convenience in a compact package, this knife holder features a simple design that can be mounted to the wall using a pair of screws, which are included in the package.


Sleek Appearance

A simple stainless steel finish makes this knife bar an attractive addition to the kitchen. It’s simple-looking and complements appliances of every color.


Convenient Size

The Ouddy knife holder measures just 16 inches across, so it’s easy to put in nearly any location. You can mount it to a wall, put it inside a cabinet door, or even mount it underneath a cabinet.


Easy to Clean

There are no cracks, crevices, holes, or visible hardware to attract dirt and dust. It’s very easy to wipe the knife bar clean while you’re giving the rest of the kitchen a once-over. Just use a little mild detergent on a rag and then rub with a dry cloth to eliminate any streaks.


Not Suitable for Heavy Knives        

One downside to this knife holder is that the magnet isn’t strong enough to hold very heavy knives reliably. I did notice that if I hang the heavier knives with their handles pointing up, the base of the handle rests against the top of the knife bar and provides additional support that prevents the knives from slipping. On the other hand, it keeps a very strong grip on paring knives, lightweight chef’s knives, and medium-sized knives. If you like the way this knife bar looks and you want it to hold big meat cleavers and other heavy items, you can compromise by getting two of the bars and mounting them together. This way, two large magnets are holding your knives still and you have just about zero chance for a knife accident.


Ideal for Metal Utensils and Household Tools

Thanks to its simple profile, the Ouddy magnetic knife holder easily holds up a variety of metal kitchen tools and accessories – bottle openers, shears, vegetable peelers, and other things. We like the way it helps us free up drawer and countertop space, plus it’s nice to have tools visible and within easy reach. It’s great in the kitchen and I can easily see it being useful in the shop, garage, or craft room.


Will this knife holder stick to the side of the refrigerator or another metal item, or does it have to be mounted with the screws?

Yes, you can attach the magnetic strip to the refrigerator, but you’ll have to take the mounting strip off the back first. Some others who have tried this mention that it seems to hold less weight when attached to a metal surface without using the screws.

Can I use velcro or heavy-duty double stick tape to mount this magnetic knife holder to a tile backsplash? I’d rather not drill holes into the ceramic.

Yes, you can do this. Just be sure to choose a mounting tape or velcro product with a good weight rating so that the knife holder stays attached to the tile.


This is a very nice-looking knife bar, and it’s quite versatile too. Most reviewers are happy with the way it looks and the way it works, however it is best for lighter knives as it just doesn’t have the strength to hold heavier ones securely. It is very easy to install and it fits just about anywhere.

2. Modern Innovations 16” Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar

The Modern Innovations 16” stainless steel magnetic knife bar offers an attractive appearance and holds most knives with a very strong grip. It looks great in nearly any kitchen; just one word of advice, if you buy this, use it as is. Purchasers who attempted to modify the back complain that the knife bar is prone to breakage.


Attractive Stainless Steel Complements Your Kitchen

Offering a smooth, stainless steel finish, this knife bar has a simple, streamlined look. It is definitely minimalistic, easily blending in with existing décor.


Versatile, Space-Saving Design

Although the Modern Innovations knife bar is advertised as a 16-inch unit, the manufacturer explains that its actual length is 15-3/4”, a modification which is intended to make for easier installation in tight spaces.


Mounting Hardware Included

This knife bar comes with screws for mounting. If you opt not to drill into the wall, you can easily mount the unit with double-sided mounting tape (Gorilla and Scotch are two good brands to consider) or use strong velcro strips to keep it in place.


Strong Magnet, But Doesn’t Hold Long, Thin Knives Well

The magnet in this knife bar is so strong that the manufacturer warns pacemaker wearers to switch their units to test mode whenever they come within 3 feet of the bar. At the same time, it doesn’t hold long, thin knives reliably; probably due to the fact that there just isn’t much metal to attach to the magnet.


Users Have Complained about Breakage

While we didn’t experience this problem, other reviewers have complained about breakage that occurs when the back of the knife bar is removed. In many cases, magnets have fallen out of the unit, rendering the knife holder unusable.



At well under $20, this knife bar is an affordable addition to your kitchen. The low price makes it an attractive storage option for other areas too – you can use it for kids’ toys, bathroom items, earrings, and tools of all kinds.


Can I remove the backing and stick the magnet to the refrigerator?

This is not recommended due to the fact that breakage seems to be a problem whenever users modify the knife bar. You could use mounting tape or velcro to mount it to the refrigerator if you like.

Can you mount this knife bar vertically?

You could mount the unit vertically, but be careful since knives with heavy handles might tilt to one side. If you need a vertical mounting solution, you might want to consider mounting two of these knife bars side by side to ensure that everything stays where you put it.


If cost is a major consideration and you plan to use the knife bar as-is rather than attempting to modify it in any way, there’s a good likelihood that you’ll be satisfied with it, as many users are. Size, appearance, and ease of installation are similar to other knife bars, but it’s not as strong as some better, higher-priced models.

3. Kettio 16-Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Holder

The Kettio 16-inch stainless steel magnetic knife bar contains a ferrite magnet, which increases the retail cost somewhat, but which makes for a very strong, reliable unit that holds heavier knives and tools with ease.


Costs a Bit More: Buy it On Sale if You Can!

We like everything about this Kettio knife bar, and were lucky to get it on sale. When marked at regular price, it costs a bit more than some similar-looking knife bars we’ve tried.


Stronger than Some Other Magnetic Knife Holders

The ferrite magnet inside the Kettio knife bar holds knives of all kinds, no problem. We find that there’s a bit of resistance when pulling a knife off the holder. This is reassuring – it’s great to know that the risk of accidental falling is close to zero. You can fill this knife bar with kitchen tools and the magnet is strong enough to ensure that they’ll stay put.


Appealing Size; Easy Installation

This knife bar comes with clear, concise mounting instructions and all the hardware needed for installation. If you opt not to use the mounting hardware, you can use double sided mounting tape or velcro instead. Size-wise, this unit is just right for tight spaces and typical urban kitchens with limited wall space. It easily fits under or inside a cabinet, and you can opt to mount it vertically if you want to save even more space.


Attractive and Easy to Clean

We like the crisp, professional look of the Kettio knife holder. It has a sleek, simple appearance, and will look good in any style kitchen. A little bit of glass cleaner and a soft rag keeps it looking bright.


Some Users Report Missing Instructions / Hardware

While most reviewers report overall positive experiences with this knife bar, some have complained about missing instructions and / or hardware. This seems to be an occasional issue and one that can sometimes happen with all kinds of items purchased in stores or online.


Do you need a drill for mounting?

Yes, unless you plan to skip the screws and use mounting tape or velcro.

What is the actual length of the knife bar?

Like some other 16” magnetic knife holders we’ve reviewed, this one is a little short, making it a little easier to install in very tight spaces. The actual length is 15-3/4”.


While the Kettio stainless steel knife holder costs a little more than some similar-looking models from other manufacturers, the ferrite magnet more than makes up for it – especially if you have lots of tools to hang or if your knives are heavy, high-quality ones. The unit has an appealing appearance and lends a professional touch to the kitchen. It also gets high marks for ease of installation and maintenance.

4. Culina 10-inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Rack

A compact knife bar that’s perfect for home or professional use, the Culina 10” stainless steel magnetic knife rack features a two-inch magnet that runs through its entire surface. It comes with the hardware needed for mounting, and is quick and easy to install.


Perfect for Small Spaces

Ideal for a small kitchen or even an RV or boat galley, this 10-inch knife bar occupies very little space. It’s small enough to mount inside a cabinet or even on the side of a cupboard.


Holds an Entire Set of Knives

Despite its compact size, this Culina knife bar lets you remove the knife block from your countertop and stow knives within easy reach. We easily fit an entire set of cooking knives onto the bar, plus a sharpener and kitchen shears.


Strong Magnetic Band Provides a Secure Grip

Some other knife bars we’ve reviewed fall a bit short in the magnet department, but not the Culina. It features a two-inch magnetic band that runs through its entire surface. This provides plenty of grip, and there are no weak areas on the bar. Even heavier items and long skinny ones (both of which proved problematic for some other magnetic knife holders) stuck securely to the Culina knife bar.


Attractive Appearance

A stainless steel cover gives this knife bar a pleasing, unobtrusive appearance. It has a nice professional look, which most people seem to appreciate.


Knives Stay Sharp

Like other stainless steel magnetic knife holders we’ve reviewed, this one keeps knives nice and sharp – they stick securely to the surface, but don’t seem to scratch.


May be Difficult to Keep Clean

Some users have complained that water spots are hard to remove from the Culina knife bar. Others have reported that it has a tendency to collect fingerprints, which must be wiped away frequently.


Can you use adhesive strips to mount this knife bar?

You may try to use adhesive or velcro strips if you like, but be sure to double up as the knife bar is a bit heavier than others of a similar size.

Can you hang this knife bar vertically?

Yes, however knives with heavy handles may tilt to the side. You can work around this by hanging two knife bars side by side, doubling the amount of magnetic power. It increases the cost but lets you maximize your storage space the way you want.


The Culina 10” stainless steel knife bar is clearly a leader in the strength category. Its compact size makes it a great choice for smaller kitchens, yet it holds quite a bit more than some of the cheaper knife bars out there. It looks fantastic, and with no crevices or visible hardware, it’s very easy to keep clean and sanitary.

5. RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel 10-Inch Deluxe Magnetic Knife Bar

A compact knife bar that you can hang just about anywhere, the RSVP Endurance features an attractive stainless steel finish. If you’re looking to free up countertop or drawer space while keeping your kitchen knives or other tools within easy reach, then this knife holder is worth looking into.



Most of us are on some kind of budget, or probably should be. If cost is a huge concern, then this is a good knife bar worth considering. It comes in at well under the $20 mark, making it a very small investment that pays off in a tidier kitchen.


Strong Magnetic Pull

The magnets in this knife are quite strong, making this a good choice for heavier kitchen items and other household tools.


Quick, Easy Installation

Like most other knife bars we’ve reviewed, this one comes with all the hardware you need for installation. Just drill two holes, pop the drywall anchors into place, and attach the screws. If you’re handy with a drill and measuring tape, the job will probably take you five minutes or less.


Attractive, Space-Saving Design

Clean, bright stainless steel makes an attractive addition to your kitchen and looks good just about anywhere. It’s easy to keep smudge-free with a little bit of glass cleaner on a soft cloth.


Easy to Attach to Metal Surfaces

This knife bar has three pieces that fit together. There’s the back part that mounts to the wall, and then the magnet that fits over that. The stainless steel cover comes last, and is the only part that you see. If you want to attach this unit to the refrigerator or another metal surface, you’ll find it is simple – just skip the drilling and place the magnetic portion directly onto the metal.


Problems with Knives Hanging at Odd Angles

Something about the knife bar makes heavier knives hang at a slight angle instead of hanging straight down. I’m not enough of a neatnik to worry about this, but it’s something potential purchasers should know before making a decision about which magnetic knife holder to choose. Some reviewers have noted that their knives hang at severe angles, making for a very messy appearance and potential safety problems.


Can you hang this knife bar with velcro or mounting tape?

Yes, but due to the strong magnetic pull, it’s important that you use plenty of adhesive material to ensure that the knife bar doesn’t separate from the wall while you’re removing cutlery.

What are the dimensions of this knife bar? It looks fairly tall.

This knife bar is a little taller than some others we’ve reviewed. The dimensions are: 10” long x 2-3/4” tall x 3/4” deep.


If you’re looking for a strong, reliable knife bar that you can use in a small kitchen, RV, or boat galley, then this is one worth looking into. While the larger knives have a tendency to tilt to the side by a few degrees, this is mainly a cosmetic issue. There are a few different ways to mount this unit in the event you don’t want to use the hardware that comes with it.

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